A Study of Moving Sand Dunes by Means of Satellite Images

A Study of Moving Sand Dunes by Means of Satellite Images

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Author(s): Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.229 797 1932 33-42 Volume 2 - Aug 2013


In several regions of the world, the slow motion of sand dunes is becoming a challenge for human activities and a threat for the survival of ancient places or archaeological sites. It is then important a constant surveying of dunes and an estimate of their migration rate. Several methods exist for this purpose: among them we have the use of satellite images, often freely available on the World Wide Web, which are a convenient resource for the planning of future human settlements and activities. In particular, the Google Earth and its time series are a remarkable resource. Some examples of their use are here proposed.


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