Deciphering Role of Gut Micro-biome of Earthworms in Bio-remediation Process using Metagenome

Deciphering Role of Gut Micro-biome of Earthworms in Bio-remediation Process using Metagenome

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Author(s): Shweta Yadav

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1002 364 753 64-67 Volume 5 - Apr 2016


Over the past few centuries the human activities for exploration of natural resources had a negative impact on the global balance including soil ecosystem. Nature has its ways of resolving imbalances in the environment and organisms are one of the best tools of nature to eliminate toxic pollutants. The biological process of eliminating pollutants (bioremediation) with activities of earthworms and associated gut micro-biome may translate to improve bioremediation process and to improve soil health. Present study focused to decipher role of gut microbes of earthworms using metagenomic approach.


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