Submission Process and Author Guide

Submission Process

If your paper is well researched, unique and well written then do the following to submit your paper to our Journal:

  1. Submit your paper along with your personal details online from this link.
  2. We will check for quality of your paper then will notify you for rejection or acceptance.
  3. If your paper is accepted, you will get an email with Acceptance Letter. It may take 2-10 days.
  4. Pay submission FEE according to your package, payment details are over this page.
  5. After the payment has been confirmed we will publish your paper within 2 days.

Author Guidelines

Research Ethics
Studies involving human subjects should be conducted according to the World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects.

Preparing your manuscript
The type of article should determine the manuscript structure. However, the general structure for articles should follow the IEEE structure.
All authors should approve the final version of the manuscript prior to submission. Once a manuscript is submitted, it is therefore assumed that all authors have read and given their approval for the submission of the manuscript.
Contact information of all authors should be stated on the manuscript. Surname/Other names, affiliation, emails, and phone/fax numbers.
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest should be stated in the manuscript.

The title phrase should be brief.
List authors’ full names (first-name, middle-name, and last-name).
Affiliations of authors (department and institution).
Emails and phone numbers

The abstract should be less than 300 words. Abstract may be presented either in unstructured or structured format. The keywords should be less than 10.

Tables and figures
Tables should be kept to a minimum.
Tables should have a short descriptive title.
The unit of measurement used in a table should be stated.
Tables should be numbered consecutively.
Tables should be organized in Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheet.
Figures/Graphics should be prepared in GIF, TIFF, JPEG or PowerPoint.
Tables and Figures should be appropriately cited in the manuscript.

References should be listed in an alphabetical order at the end of the paper. DOIs, PubMed IDs and links to referenced articles should be stated wherever available.

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