The DNA Y-STRs Profile of Louis XVI (1754-1793)

The DNA Y-STRs Profile of Louis XVI (1754-1793)

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Author(s): Gerard Lucotte, Thierry Thomasset, Shoqing Wen

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1005 513 1194 68-93 Volume 5 - Apr 2016


We have obtained, for the first time, the Y-STRs profile of the King of France Louis XVI (1754-1793). His genomic DNA was extracted from his authentic hairs, that were studied by optic and electronic microscopy. Louis XVI’s Y-STRs profile is very similar to those of three living Bourbons previously published , differing from them by three Y-STRs allele values only. Dating estimates of the divergence time of the common ancestor (Louis XIII) between Louis XVI and the living Bourbons correspond to the observed genealogical time. K.W. Naundorff, the famous pretender, is certainly not a Louis XVI’s natural son.


Y-chromosome STRs profile, Louis XVI, dating of the divergence time since Louis XIII


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