An Unknown Force Awakened by A Pyramidal Structure

An Unknown Force Awakened by A Pyramidal Structure

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Author(s): Osamu Takagi, Masamichi Sakamoto, Hideo Yoichi, Hideyuki Kokubo, Kimiko Kawano, Mikio Yamamoto

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1038 335 1161 45-56 Volume 5 - Jun 2016


We have been studying a non-contact effect by a meditator in a pyramidal structure on bio-sensors which are placed some distance from the meditator. So far we have demonstrated a meditator’s non-contact effect with very high statistical accuracy and also discovered that the non-contact effect has a time dependence. However, the details of the experimental results were completely opposite our expectations. Namely, to our surprise, the non-contact effect was detected when the meditator was not in the pyramidal structure, and it was not detected when the meditator was in the pyramidal structure. In this paper, we conducted a verification experiment to clarify the factors that led to the unexpected experimental results; in particular, we wanted to identify the necessary conditions for the non-contact effect to come into play. The verification experiment consisted of four patterns in which the presence/absence of the meditator and the presence/absence of the pyramidal structure are the differences in the experimental conditions. Before the verification experiment, we evaluated eight possible results which were expected from the four patterns. From the results of the verification experiment, we verified that the non-contact effect on bio-sensors was undetectable in the meditation period, regardless of the presence or absence of the meditator and the pyramidal structure. Furthermore, we showed that the condition in which the meditator is in the pyramidal structure during the meditation period is the only condition for the non-contact effect to be detected after the meditation period. The results of the verification experiment further solidified the hypothesis that had been proposed in our previous paper about the origin of the non-contact effect, i.e., how it comes into play. The hypothesis is as follows: The meditator exerts a peculiar influence on the environment around him, which does not have a direct effect on the bio-sensors. However, this peculiar influence is transformed by the pyramidal structure, which then has an effect on the bio-sensors.


meditator, pyramidal structure, non-contact effect, delayed effect, bio-sensor, cucumber, gas


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