Emissions and Energy: A Catch 22?

Emissions and Energy: A Catch 22?

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Author(s): Jan-Erik Lane

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1089 282 752 1-10 Volume 6 - Feb 2017


The COP21 process targets decarbonisation in three steps during the 21rst century. First the augmentation of CO2:s is to be halted. Next the 40 per cent reduction is to be implemented somehow until 2030. Finally, there is a hope for a carbon free economy at the end of this century. But how about energy? When we speak about the anthropocentric emissions of greenhouse gases, then we are in reality referring to the production and consumption of energy. Energy in a wide sense is vital for the operations of social systems, as energy is the capacity to do work. Without energy, no economic output or GDP. The COP21 Agreement calls for an energy revolution during this century, replacing traditional renewables and fossil fuels with modern renewables that are carbon free. But how could this be achieved in the many poor countries in the world?


COP21, global energy transformation, GHG or CO2, implementation of COP21, Superfund (Stern), traditional and modern renewables, fossil fuel dependency


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