Design of Feeder Terminal Communication Based on IEC61850 Standard

Design of Feeder Terminal Communication Based on IEC61850 Standard

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Author(s): Tongtong Sun, Limin Huo, Zhenyue Yan, Zu Zhang

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1184 266 591 16-21 Volume 6 - Feb 2017


In this paper, IEC61850 is introduced into the feeder system, which can solve the problem of information sharing and interoperability between different distribution terminals. In order to realize the real-time interaction of information, the information function model of feeder terminal is constructed by using the logical node defined by IEC61850,and the information exchange service used in the terminal is mapped to the corresponding communication mode. Where the client / server model is mapped to the manufacturing message specification MMS and the GOOSE messages are mapped to the IOS Ethernet data link layer . So that each switch in the distribution network feeder realizes the point-to-multipoint communication and the interoperation between different FTUs. Finally, we build an experimental platform to verify the mapping method to meet the requirements.


IEC61850, GOOSE, SCL, MMS manufacturing message specification, Interoperability


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