Computerized System for Online Control of Ureteral Catheters Hosted on Google Drive: An Alert Tool

Computerized System for Online Control of Ureteral Catheters Hosted on Google Drive: An Alert Tool

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Author(s): Pedro Paulo Polotto, João Paulo Pretti Fantin, Thiago Litaiff Padilha, José Germano F. Arruda, Pedro Francisco F. Arruda, Marcio Gatti, Thiago da Silveira Antoniassi, Ana Paula Bogdan, Lilian Castiglioni, Fernando Nestor Facio Junior, Luis Cesar Fava Spessoto

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1427 128 526 79-81 Volume 6 - Sep 2017


BACKGROUND: Ureteral catheters are commonly used by different medical specialties more often in medical centers that have a considerable flow of patients making monitoring difficult. Furthermore, forgotten catheters can cause serious complications increasing hospital costs and the possibility of litigation. This study evaluated a Google Drive-hosted computer control system with color-coded warnings in an attempt to reduce the protracted use of ureteral catheters. METHODS: One month after implanting the program, 119 patients were enrolled in the double J ureteral catheter control system. RESULTS: After the implantation of the system, there was a 16.5% reduction in the length of use of ureteral catheters compared to one year earlier. Importantly, the percentage of patients using double J for six months or more decreased, thus the system has contributed significantly to reduce cases of forgotten catheters. The primary limitation was the relatively small number of patients who require prolonged use of ureteral catheters benefit from the use of this computerized warning system. CONCLUSIONS: This study showed that there was a reduction in the relative risk of forgotten catheters, a shorter mean time of catheter use and a decrease in the number of patients with excessively long catheter use.


Computational Control System, Google Drive, Ureteral catheter


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