Particle Size Analysis of Soil Obtainable in Maiduguri, Nigeria

Particle Size Analysis of Soil Obtainable in Maiduguri, Nigeria

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Author(s): D. W. Medugu, M. Maina, Y.B. Dibal

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1430 212 515 85-93 Volume 6 - Sep 2017


Soil is a substantial resource and displays adaptable physical, chemical, mineralogical, hydrological and geochemical properties. Particle size is a fundamental analysis procedure for soils, and pedological and paleopedological analysis. In view of this particle size distribution of soil samples were conducted and analysed for 10 locations in Maiduguri, Nigeria by sieving technique. Their sand, silt, and clay contents were determined. The distribution of particle size influences the moisture retention and transmission properties of soils. The overall result showed that the soil in Maiduguri is predominantly sand having low moisture retention and high permeability. This study at higher precision will be helpful for the textural management concerns all operations, practices and treatments used to protect soil and enhance its performance.


Particle size, Soil samples, Moisture retention, Textural management


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