ABO Blood Groups Compatibility and Incompatibility among Basrah Families

ABO Blood Groups Compatibility and Incompatibility among Basrah Families

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Author(s): Kawthar K. Hassan

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1466 171 494 34-38 Volume 6 - Nov 2017


In the present study, 277 couples were randomly collected from Basra population who have at least two live births and below 60 years of age to study of ABO blood groups compatibility and incompatibility among Basra families. It has been shown that the incidence of compatible matings (51.625%) higher than incompatible matings (48.375%). The study has been revealed the spontaneous abortion and stillbirth were slightly higher in couples with incompatible (11.889%)(2.797%) as a compared with compatible couples (10.778%)(2.333). While the incidence of living births higher in compatible matings (86.889%) than incompatible matings (85.315%). study came to a conclusion that there is an increase in the number of spontaneous abortions and stillbirth among B wife and AB husband couples and followed by O wife and AB husband incompatible couples (35.294),(20.833%) respectively.


ABO Blood Group, Compatibility, Incompatibility, Spontaneous Abortions, Stillbirth


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