Exploring CPU Scheduling Strategies in Xen Virtualization Technology

Exploring CPU Scheduling Strategies in Xen Virtualization Technology

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Author(s): Rajendra H. Bele, Chitra Desai

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680 1225 53-55 Volume 2 - Mar 2013


Xen is Open Source more popular virtualization solution provides lot of advantages and ready for various trials due to nature of Open Source. There are lots of migrations in the strategies utilized by Xen .While providing virtualization Xen implies different strategies for Resource Sharing, Memory virtualization, CPU Virtualization, I/O Virtualization etc. In Xen virtualization technology adjusting virtual machine to corresponding physical machine will play important role to enhance performance of the system this is prime duty of CPU Scheduler; hence we have considered CPU Virtualization in detail and attempted to explore CPU scheduling strategies its comparative study as well as research issues related to it.


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