The Effects of Myo-inositol on Glucose Metabolic in Diabetes Rats

The Effects of Myo-inositol on Glucose Metabolic in Diabetes Rats

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Author(s): Yin Xue-ping, Guo Fei-fei, Sun Xiangrong, Xu Luo

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1628 77 353 71-76 Volume 7 - Apr 2018


Objective: To observe the myo-inositol on normal and diabetic rats muscle and intestinal glucose uptake. Methods: The rat jejunum was placed in Kb with containing 2.5% -20% myo-inositol and the glucose concentration was detected at 0 and 2 h. The psoas muscle was placed in Kb containing 2.5% -20% myo-inositol Kb (with or without insulin) the glucose concentration was detected at 0 and 1 h. Rats were divided into blank control group, normal muscle myo-inositol group, blank control group of diabetic rats, myo-inositol group of diabetic rats and acarbose group of diabetic rats (DBA) The intestinal propulsion rate and intestinal absorption of glucose in each group were detected. Results: In vitro studies found that myo-inositol can dose-dependently stimulate the absorption of glucose in the jejunum and promote the uptake of glucose by the psoas muscle in a dose-dependent manner. Myo-inositol can delay gastric emptying in diabetic rats, inhibit intestinal absorption of glucose, reduce postprandial blood glucose in diabetic rats and promote the rate of intestinal propulsion in diabetic rats. Conclusion: Myo-inositol can inhibit the intestinal absorption of glucose in glucose rats and promote the glucose uptake in muscle of normal rats and diabetic rats.


Inositol, Diabetes, Glucose Metabolic


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