Current Situation of Illegal Logging in Peninsular Malaysia

Current Situation of Illegal Logging in Peninsular Malaysia

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Author(s): Iqtie Qamar Laila Mohd Gani

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998 2106 12-17 Volume 2 - Jun 2013


A study was conducted to observe the trends of illegal logging and the current situation of illegal logging in Peninsular Malaysia. Data and information from year 2001 to 2010 on volume of log productions (m³) and volume of illegal log productions (m³) were collected mainly from the Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) and other sources. Correlation analysis was carried out to determine the direction and the strength of the relationship between log productions and illegal log productions whether the relationship is significant or not significant. Currently, the trends of illegal logging are linear increasing with low percentage at 18% or 66 cases per year. The factors investigated, log productions and illegal log productions resulted have a weak negative relationship as r = -0.271, p = 0.603 and do not significantly correlated. The illegal log productions are inversely relate with the log productions. It is concluded that log productions in Peninsular Malaysia is not significant with the illegal log productions and the situation is under control and long-term plans should be taken to prevent the problem becomes worse.


Illegal logging, current situation, Peninsular Malaysia


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