Application of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery in Gastrointestinal Surgery based on Multidisciplinary Team

Application of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery in Gastrointestinal Surgery based on Multidisciplinary Team

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Author(s): Dan Liu

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1920 12 64 112-115 Volume 8 - Feb 2019


Chinese gastrointestinal surgeons are building up our own high level evidence in evidence-based medicine, With tremendous clinical trials carrying out in gastrointestinal cancers. Besides, Standardized procedure of diagnosis and treatment should be promoted. More personalized schemes are needed. The model of multidisciplinary team can be more widely and deeply applied. In order to further optimize the surgical pathways and promote the clinical application of ERAS in surgery, it is important to raise awareness of the ERAS concept, advocate multi-disciplinary cooperation model, including surgery, anesthesiology, nursing, clinical nutrition, etc. to improve the application of ERAS in gastrointestinal surgery, promote medical and health management performance. And the concept of enhanced recovery after surgery should be more operable. To keep pace with the times, the gastrointestinal surgeons have to seek for innovative technology and new ideas.


ERAS, Multidisciplinary Team, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Anaesthesia


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