Study of the Role of Polymorphism of ACE, GP1BA, PDE4D Genes and Clinical Features in the Development of Cerebrovascular Diseases

Study of the Role of Polymorphism of ACE, GP1BA, PDE4D Genes and Clinical Features in the Development of Cerebrovascular Diseases

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Author(s): A. V. Anisimova, A. S. Gunchenko, A. Yu. Ikonnikova, S. S. Galkin, M. A. Avdonina, T. V. Nasedkina, Z. Abdukhalikova

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1975 26 113 97-101 Volume 8 - Mar 2019


The frequency of cerebrovascular diseases remains high in developed countries. Currently, studies are devoted to the study of factors predisposing to the development of cerebrovascular diseases, they include the study of both modified and not modified, including genetic ones. On the basis of the in Stroke center of N. I. Pirogov City Clinical Hospital №1, Moscow, two groups of patients were examined - 91 patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and 69 patients with ischemic stroke. Associations of polymorphisms of ACE, GP1BA, PDE4D genes with the course of cerebrovascular diseases were identified.


Stroke, Chronic Cerebral Ischemia, Risk Factors, PDE4D, ACE, GP1BA


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