Use of Soybean, Corn and Palm Biodiesel in a Centrifugal Pump Driven by a Diesel Engine: Performance and Emissions Analysis

Use of Soybean, Corn and Palm Biodiesel in a Centrifugal Pump Driven by a Diesel Engine: Performance and Emissions Analysis

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Author(s): Roberto Guimarães Pereira, João Pedro Barbedo Marques Gutierrez, Juan Manuel Pardal, Ivenio Moreira da Silva

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2066 20 133 83-98 Volume 8 - May 2019


The present study is related with the use of soybean, corn and palm biodiesel in a centrifugal pump driven by a diesel engine. Performance and emissions analysis were investigated using pure biodiesel (B100) and its mixtures with diesel (B50), comparing the results with pure diesel (B0) and also with the diesel sold at Brazilian fuel stations (B8). A test bench has been optimized for monitoring the behavior of centrifugal pump driven by a diesel engine. The viscosity, density, sulfur tenor, carbon tenor, hydrogen tenor, nitrogen tenor, lower and higher heating value were determined for various fuels used. The power, the fuel consumption and the emissions of: CO; CO2; NO; NO2; NOx; and SO2 were determined. The engine performed well with biofuels blended (B50) and biodiesels (B100). This confirms one of the great advantages of using biodiesel, which is the possibility of using a renewable fuel produced from a variety of raw materials leading to a cleaner energy production.


Biodiesel, Centrifugal Pump, Energy, Cleaner Production, Sustainability


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