Transient Stability Analysis of 3-Machine, 7-Bus System Using ETAP

Transient Stability Analysis of 3-Machine, 7-Bus System Using ETAP

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Author(s): Aung Zaw Latt

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2105 88 253 47-52 Volume 8 - Jul 2019


Nowadays, electrical power systems are advancing through continuing development in interconnection, practically through the use of new technology and controls. Therefore, the study of power system stability has been known as an important and challenging problem for secure power system operation. Generally, power system stability is classified into steady state, transient and dynamic stability. The analysis of transient stability is one of the important items in the planning and maintaining for security power system operation. The transient stability is defined as the ability of the power system to keep up synchronism when subjected to a severe disturbance. In this paper, the transient stability analysis of 3-machine, 7-bus system has been performed on electrical transient analyzer program (ETAP) and investigated the determination of whether or not synchronism is maintained when occurred a three phase fault on a transmission line. In addition, this paper described the improvement of the transient stability performance by using power system stabilizer (PSS), it was built-in with a specific generator. This PSS is accomplished by exciter control to provide better response to the system modes of oscillations.


Transient Stability, Three Phase Fault, PSS, Exciter, ETAP


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