White Dwarfs are Small, Fast-Spinning Hot Stars

White Dwarfs are Small, Fast-Spinning Hot Stars

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Author(s): Weitter Duckss

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2177 21 139 23-31 Volume 8 - Nov 2019


In order to determine the density of white dwarfs and other stars I used a database and created several relations, such as mass/volume of different star types, to create comparable dana, the values of rotation, the percentage of the objects orbiting around a central object and the explanation how different speeds of rotation, if unused, influence the irregular derivation of the gravitational results. Some other factors, essential in creating real values in astrophysics, are also analyzed here. The results acquired in such a way reveal a real image, which is impossible to perceive if analysing only a small or limited quantity of stars and other objects. It doesn't work without a larger sequence of relations of different parameters. The research represents the interweaving of data for stars when indicators start displaying comparable results. The rotation speed value is closely related to star types, as presented in the tables 4 and 6. At the same time it defines the temperature level of an object, but only faintly affects its density. Density mildly decreases with the increase of the rotation speed, but magnetic field value increases strongly.


White Dwarfs, Hot Stars, Rotation Speed, Density


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