Pressure Measurements of the Flow over a Rearview Side Mirror

Pressure Measurements of the Flow over a Rearview Side Mirror

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Author(s): Onur Yemenici

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625 1042 66-69 Volume 2 - Aug 2013


The flow fields over a rearview side mirror were examined experimentally in a wind tunnel. Velocity and pressure measurements were carried out by a constant-temperature hot wire anemometer and a micro-manometer, respectively. The Reynolds number based on the free stream velocity of the air and the width of the mirror was varied from 9.5x104 to 1.3x105. The results showed that the static pressures are showed different distribution over the rearview side mirror and took smaller values at the separation points of the boundary layer from the mirror surface.Index Terms—Side mirror, pressure coefficient, wind tunnel, flow separation.


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