Monte-Carlo Simulation to Compare the Absorption Capacity of Different Substances for X-ray

Monte-Carlo Simulation to Compare the Absorption Capacity of Different Substances for X-ray

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Author(s): Yuqin Wen, Ruiqiang Song, Mengyuan Si

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2329 31 79 14-16 Volume 9 - May 2020


A shield that effectively absorbs X-rays is used to avoid injuries caused by X-rays. The shielding principle of the shielding material against radiation is based on the absorption of ionizing radiation by the contained absorbing substance. The different absorption capacity of different substances for ionizing radiation mainly depends on the atomic number of the absorbing substance. The larger the atomic number of the substance, the better its ability to absorb radiation, so Pb is often used as a shielding protection material. In this paper, the MCNP5 Monte-Carlo is used to simulate the interaction between X-rays and different substances, and the shielding performance of different substances and the relationship between X-ray energy and the absorption capacity of the substance are compared.


MCNP5X-, ray, Shielding Material


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