Association of Plasma CRP Level with the Severity of COVID-19

Association of Plasma CRP Level with the Severity of COVID-19

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Author(s): Shehrbano Imran, Syeda Arzinda Fatima, Namra Yunus, Sadia Taj

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2396 37 179 20-23 Volume 9 - Nov 2020


Objective: To assess the usefulness of plasma CRP level in categorizing the patients in severity group of COVID-19 and its correlation with severity. Material and methods: A retrospective study was conducted at the Department of Medicine and Sections of Chemical Pathology and Microbiology, Department of Pathology, Fatima Memorial Hospital from February to June 2020. After approval from institution’s review board, confirmed cases of Covid-19 by PCR were selected. Their CRP levels were obtained from medical record. CRP levels were compared in the following groups of patients: mild group, moderate group, severe group. Data was analyzed using the SPSS version 25.0. Results: Out of 115 patients of covid 19 disease included in our study, 11 were in mild group, 19 in moderate and 85 in severe group. Mean CRP of patients in mild group was 3.6±1.0 mg/L, while mean CRP was 117.9±58.1 mg/L in moderate and 134±71.9 mg/L in severe group (p<0.001). Out of 85 (73.9%) severe group patients,15(17.6%) were shifted to mechanical ventilation and out of them 4(26.6%) expired. Mean CRP of ICU patients was 148±82.1 (p-value= 0.008) and 124.2±60.2 in expired patients. Conclusion: We conclude that higher level of CRP at presentation is an independent predictor of Covid 19 disease severity.


Covid-19, CRP, Severity


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