Study of the Presumed Cranium of Sampiero Corso (1488-1567)

Study of the Presumed Cranium of Sampiero Corso (1488-1567)

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Author(s): Gerard Lucotte, Stephan Borensztajn, Raoul Perrot

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2465 37 87 25-31 Volume 10 - May 2021


We have studied by classic anatomical methods the presumed cranium of Sampiero Corso (1498-1567), who was the first Corsican nationalist. This cranium corresponds to that of a male individual, aged at least of 50 years ; there are many similarities between the cranium face and the one that corresponds to his portrait. The vertical fracture, observed on the cranium left side of the forehead, corresponds probably to the stab sword that caused Sampiero Corso’s death. The 14C radiodating of a bone fragment located at the cranium basis gives a calendar 1450-1510 years interval (at 95% of probability) of age.


Sampiero Corso (1498-1567) Cranium, Anatomical Study, 14C radiodating


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