Studies on the Presumed Cranium of the French Knight Bayard (1473?-1524)

Studies on the Presumed Cranium of the French Knight Bayard (1473?-1524)

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Author(s): Gérard Lucotte, Franz Jullien

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2501 45 65 6-11 Volume 10 - Sep 2021


We have studied by classic anatomical methods the presumed cranium of Bayard (1473?-1524), who was a famous French knight. This cranium is of male gender, aged of at least 50 years old, and of European origin. There are five main characteristics of this cranium : brachygnathy ; elevated height of the mandibular corpus ; a non-protruding and squared osseous chin (on the mandible) ; lepteny ; a long nose with a bump. All these five characteristics are effectively observed on the face of the official (that of Gariel) Bayard’s drawing, which indicates that it is well the Bayard cranium. We have modelled, with the FaceGen programme, the characteristic deviation (of about ten degrees towards the left) of the nose point.


Bayard (1473?-1524) Cranium, Anatomical Study, Comparisons with the Face of Bayard’s Drawing, Deviation Towards the Left of the Nose Point, FaceG en Programme


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