The RUSI Mask is an Authentic Replicate of the Original Death Mask of Napoléon

The RUSI Mask is an Authentic Replicate of the Original Death Mask of Napoléon

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Author(s): Gérard Lucotte, Frans Jullien, Thierry Thomasset

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2696 19 54 55-68 Volume 12 - Jul 2023


Objective : We report here results obtained concerning the authenticity of the Napoléon’s RUSI death mask of Napoléon. Methods : mtDNA analyses of three hairs included in the plaster of the inter eyebrowed region of the mask, and SEM-EDX analyses of the plaster, of the pencil lead used for the inscription and of the hairs are realized. Results : the plaster of the mask is of “plâtre de Paris” and the pencil lead is of soft graphite. The three hairs studied showed the presence of the 16184T mutation of the mtDNA ; that confirms that the RUSI mask is an authentic replicate of the original death mask of Napoléon.


mtDNA Sequences, 16184T Mutation, Napoléon RUSI death mask, SEM-EDX Analyses


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