A Study on the Nicotine Testing Method Using Nano-Structured Fe Doped MgNi2O3

A Study on the Nicotine Testing Method Using Nano-Structured Fe Doped MgNi2O3

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Author(s): Lei PENG, Xi DING, Yifei XU, Ellie Vaisman

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2746 4 5 1-7 Volume 13 - Feb 2024


In this study, we have synthesized MgNi2O3 and 2.5wt% Fe-MgNi2O3 nanoparticles by sol-gel combustion method and characterized by powder XRD, FTIR, FESEM and cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, and amperometric method for confirmation of structural, shape, morphological and electrochemistry properties. These studies reveal that the particles have spherical in shape and unique electrochemical properties. An electrochemical sensor based on 2.5wt% Fe- MgNi2O3 nanoparticles (NP) modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) has been fabricated and used for electrochemical determination of Nicotine (NIC) as an analyte. Iron-doped MgNi2O3 modified GCE shows one strong well-defined separate oxidation peak of NIC in the experiment of cyclic voltammetry and square wave voltammetry. The modified electrode displayed a Nicotine Testing Platform with high selectivity, sensitivity, good stability, and reproducibility.


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