A Novel Method for Synthesis of CoII, NiII, ZnII and AgI Transition Metal Carbonates using Methylurea Precursor

A Novel Method for Synthesis of CoII, NiII, ZnII and AgI Transition Metal Carbonates using Methylurea Precursor

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Author(s): Moh`d Mamoun Al Majthoub

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473 960 119-123 Volume 2 - Sep 2013


CoII, NiII, ZnII and AgII carbonates; M(CO3)2 (M = CoII, NiII, and ZnII) and Ag2CO3 were obtained during the reaction of aqueous solutions of Co(NO3)2, Ni(NO3)2, Zn(NO3)2 and AgNO3 with methylurea at ~ 90 oC for twelve hours. The reaction products were characterized through their elemental analysis and infrared spectroscopy. The infrared spectra clearly show the characteristic bands due to carbonate ions. General reaction equations describing the formation of some transition carbonates were proposed.


M(CO3)2, methylurea, Infrared spectra


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