A Novel Method for Synthesis of Some Transition Metal Oxides: Fe2O3 and CuO

A Novel Method for Synthesis of Some Transition Metal Oxides: Fe2O3 and CuO

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Author(s): Moh`d Mamoun Al Majthoub, Moamen S. Refat

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501 1143 124-126 Volume 2 - Sep 2013


The Fe2O3 and CuO oxides were synthesized by a new reaction of methyl urea with FeCl3.6H2O, Fe(NO3)3.9H2O, Fe2(SO4)3 and Cu(OAc)2, respectively, in an aqueous media at ~ 90 oC. The infrared spectra and microanalysis, CHN, of the solid products resulted indicate that the absence of the bands of methyl urea, but appearing the characteristic bands of oxides. A general mechanism describing the formation of oxides and decomposition of methyl urea are suggested.


Fe2O3, CuO and methyl urea


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