Physics of the Giant Atom

Physics of the Giant Atom

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Author(s): Emad Eldieb

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349 1063 34-43 Volume 3 - Sep 2014


If a particle treated as charged sphere and then qualified its electrostatic energy with its rest energy moc2 then, on the same model we can treat a collection of charges as a particle. So, in the form of Einstein equation of the rest mass mo of a particle with rest radius ro, we can put a collection of charges p, - obeying Coulomb force- in a closed sphere with a radius r as; (k e2 ÷ ro) [p ro ÷ r] = moc2 + (0) Where; p is the number of the protons inside a sphere with a radius r, e is the magnitude of the charge in coulomb and k is the electric constant. Where also; the factor inside the big bracket = 1, while the small bracket of the right side is not absolutely empty. Our work lies inside this small bracket.


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