Lipomas In Inguinal Hernia In A Nigerian Community

Lipomas In Inguinal Hernia In A Nigerian Community

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Author(s): Wilson Onuigbo, Gabriel Njeze

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.654 334 1109 9-10 Volume 4 - Mar 2015


Background: Inguinal hernia is a common surgical problem but it can become problematic, when it exhibits some unusual contents. Aim: To highlight the occurrence of lipoma in hernia in a Nigerian community. Materials and methods: From 1977-1980, sacs which were excised during repair of inguinal hernias in the Igbos of South Eastern Nigeria were submitted to a Central Pathology Laboratory. They were studied by naked eye appearances and histologically. Results One hundred and thirty five inguinal hernia sacs were studied, out of which 113 were from males and 22 from females, i.e., a ratio of 6:1. Two sacs contained lipomas. Conclusion The presence of lipomas in inguinal hernia sacs is documented in a Nigerian community as an epidemiological contribution to the world literature.


Lipoma, Inguinal hernia sac, Igbos, epidemiology


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