Medico - Ethnobotanical Inventory (Liver and Gallbladder Ducts Illnesses) of Nakhchivan AR, Azerbaijan

Medico - Ethnobotanical Inventory (Liver and Gallbladder Ducts Illnesses) of Nakhchivan AR, Azerbaijan

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Author(s): Ibadullayeva S, Hilal Gasimov, Melahat Gahramanova, Peymana Zulfugarova, Leman Novruzova

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.739 489 922 80-88 Volume 4 - Jun 2015


Wide explanation on biomorphological, eco-biological and usage perispectives of herbs used in wild flora for liver and gallbladder ducts illnesse of azerbaijan people have been given in the article. At the same time, spreading area of the species, synonims, gathering period, national, traditional and scientific medicine, chemical compositions, pharmological influences and treatment directions are intoduced.


traditional medicine, ethnobotany, herbs, phytoteraphy, liver and gallbladder ducts illnesses


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