Investigation of Antibacterial Behavior of Polymethyl Methacrylat Supported TiO2 Nanophotocatalyst Film

Investigation of Antibacterial Behavior of Polymethyl Methacrylat Supported TiO2 Nanophotocatalyst Film

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Author(s): Davood Kaviani, Majid Saghi, Mohammad Hosein Bigtan, Behzad Padidaran, Safoora Afshar

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.822 401 890 105-108 Volume 4 - Sep 2015


Polymethylmethacrylat / TiO2 nanophotocatalyst is synthesized by irradiating the solution of TiO2 in methylmethacrylate monomer by γ-ray. In this method, polymerization of the methylmethacrylate monomer and the TiO2 reduction occurred simultaneously. Optical properties of the polymethylmethacrylat / TiO2 solutions are investigated using UV-Vis spectroscopy. The structural characterizations of the polymethylmethacrylat / TiO2 nanophotocatalyst are determined by FTIR spectroscopy and SEM measurements. The SEM image shows that the TiO2 nanoparticles disperse in the polymethylmethacrylat matrix with a relatively uniform distribution. The antibacterial studies show that the polymethylmethacrylat / TiO2 nanophotocatalyst is antibacterial against E.coli, as a model for gram-negative bacteria.


TiO2, PMMA, Film, Antibacterial activity


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