Design of Power Transformer Online Monitoring System Based on GPRS

Design of Power Transformer Online Monitoring System Based on GPRS

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Author(s): Mengjie Zhang, Shunbin-Hu, Jialong-Sun, Ning Zhang

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.892 561 843 85-88 Volume 4 - Dec 2015


This paper uses the design scheme which is based on of the microcontroller of C8051F580 and three-phase electric energy metering chip, finished collection, processing and transmitting for the signal of the power of the transformer and the state of the switch. This system takes Server SQL 2008 as the background database, and achieves visiting by the ADO.NET data access technology. The management software of the monitoring master station is responsible for receiving, analyzing and processing, to form the graphics, reports and other types. The database access mode in this paper is based on B/S and C/S. The test results showed that the system worked stably, and realized the functions, which realizes the real-time monitoring of the transformer on operation data, remote data transmission, timely alarming and so on.


GPRS, Power Transformer, On-line Monitoring


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