Design of Current Signal Source on DDS for Rural Power Grid Fault Detection

Design of Current Signal Source on DDS for Rural Power Grid Fault Detection

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Author(s): Ya Kun Han, Suo Xue Song

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.895 365 809 4-8 Volume 5 - Jan 2016


To provide a amplitude, frequency programmable current signal with high precision for fault detection of 10kv rural power line,this paper presented a high precision current signal source using DDS (Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis) technology. The system includes two parts which are signal generator part and control part. The system uses DDS chip AD9851 as the main signal generator, AT89C51 as the main controller,Use the keyboard to select the frequency, phase and amplitude, USE LED display the frequency and amplitude. As the experimental result shows, the system has a stable performance, and the output signal, generated by the system, has advantages of high accuracy and good adjustability for fault detection on 10kv transmission line.


electrical net detect, AT89C51 single chip computer, signal conditioning, signal source, AD9851, complementary push-pull amplifier circuit.


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