Immunohistochemical Study of OTUB1 Expression in Colon Cancer

Immunohistochemical Study of OTUB1 Expression in Colon Cancer

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Author(s): Hua Chen C, Limei Lian, Xue-chun Wang, Wei-Na Jiang

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.906 569 843 22-26 Volume 5 - Feb 2016


Background: OTUB1 is a new member of ovarian-tumor-domain-containing proteases (OTUs), a deubiquitinating enzymes family (DUBs), which is a cysteine proteasome-associated DUB to be involved in the Ub-dependent degradation of proteins. Therefore the expression of OTUB1 in colon cancer was examined and compared with precancerous lesion and normal colonic mucosa. Material/Methods: Tissue samples were obtained from 60 patients, and we took a piece of tissue from three different parts of the same patient, colon cancer, precancerous lesion and normal mucosa, respectively. Immunohistochemistry were carried out in colon cancer, precancerous lesion and normal mucosa. Results: Precancerous lesions and colon cancer tissues showed strong expression of OTUB1 in the cell cytoplasm. The expression of OTUB1 protein in the colon cancer was significantly higher than precancerous lesion and normal mucosa (P<0.05). Moreover, its expression in normal mucosa, precancerous lesion and colon cancer showed a gradually ascendant trend (P< 0.05).


OTUB1, Colon cancer, Immunohistochemistry


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