Use of a polymer modified electrode for arsenic determination

Use of a polymer modified electrode for arsenic determination

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Author(s): María Del Valle, Fabiola Bustos, Fernando R. Díaz, Gean C. Arteaga, Loreto A. Hernández, Andrea C. Ramos

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705 1201 27-39 Volume 2 - Jan 2013


This paper presents the optimization of a polypyrrole-modified steel electrode (SS/PPy) to be used as arsenic(V) amperometric sensor using electrochemical techniques. The electrode response is based on the doping/undoping ability of the polymer matrix that involves anions incorporation and removal, generating thus a charge or current that correlates to the analyte concentration.Once the electrode was optimized, analytical parameters were established. A linear response in the range 5 - 250 ppm As(V) was found, with a response time 5 s. Besides, it is noteworthy that the response obtained with a freshly prepared SS/Ppy electrode before each measurement is highly reproducible. Therefore the SS/Ppy electrode is proposed as a sensor that may be utilized as disposable device.


polypyrrole electrode, arsenic, arsenic quantitation, amperometric sensor, arsenic sensor.


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