Volume 2 - Issue January 2013

Volume 2 - Issue January 2013

Redox Study of Polyaniline Derivatives For Potential Uses In Photovoltaic Devices

Author(s): P.P. Zamora, F.R. Díaz, M.A. del Valle, G. Louarn, L. Cattin, J.C. Bernède

Keywords: Onset Oxidation Potential, Polyaniline, Photovoltaic Yield

Abstract   References Downloads: 765 Pages: 1-15

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A new strategic role for Sardinia (Italy) in the Mediterranean

Author(s): Chiara Garau

Keywords: Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia, New Strategy for Partnerships

Abstract   References Downloads: 651 Pages: 16-26

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Use of a polymer modified electrode for arsenic determination

Author(s): María Del Valle, Fabiola Bustos, Fernando R. Díaz, Gean C. Arteaga, Loreto A. Hernández, Andrea C. Ramos

Keywords: polypyrrole electrode, arsenic, arsenic quantitation, amperometric sensor, arsenic sensor.

Abstract   References Downloads: 705 Pages: 27-39

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Experiential Learning: Engaging the Next Diverse Generation of Scientists

Author(s): Mark A. Brown, Gillian Bowser, Emily N. Quick Bear, Amanda L. Purnell, Ellyn M. Dickmann


Abstract   References Downloads: 616 Pages: 40-45

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Which are the difficulties for the application of value for money auditing in Spanish local government? Proposals for improvement

Author(s): Dr. Carolina Pontones Rosa, Dr. Rosario Pérez Morote, Professor Malcolm J. Prowle

Keywords: Spanish local government, value for money audit, survey analysis

Abstract   References Downloads: 702 Pages: 46-76

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Ethnobotanical Survey In Different Mandals Of Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Author(s): Dr. Estari Mamidala, Prasad Paindla, Rajendra Chary Vijayagiri

Keywords: Ethno medicines, Adilabad district, tribal people, Andhra Pradesh.

Abstract   References Downloads: 871 Pages: 77-83

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Rectus Sheath Hematoma

Author(s): Ugur KESICI, DERICI Serhan


Abstract   References Downloads: 731 Pages: 84-91

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Exploring the Nature of Urban Structure of Urban Areas in Bangladesh

Author(s): MD. Mokhlesur Rahman, MD. Moniruzzaman, S. M. Forhad Tasfi

Keywords: Urban Structure, CBD, Gradient, Centroid, Density

Abstract   References Downloads: 771 Pages: 92-107

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Speciation of inorganic arsenic and selenium in contaminated ground water samples collected from two areas (Alkermiah and Al-Sawani) in Tripoli-Libya

Author(s): Abdunnaser Etorki, A. Elrgahii, M.El Rais

Keywords: Speciation of arsenic, speciation of selenium, micro column packing, TiO2 nanoparticles, 1, 3-dimercapto propane sulphonic acid, ICP-OES

Abstract   References Downloads: 648 Pages: 108-117

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Isolation and Quantification of β-sitosterol, ergosterol and stigmasterol from Hypoxis rigidula Baker var. rigidula and Hypoxis hemerocallidea Fisch., C.A.Mey. & Avé-Lall (Hypoxidaceae)

Author(s): Viresh Mohanlall, B. Odhav, N. Mkhize

Keywords: Hypoxis rigidula, Hypoxis hemerocallidea, phytosterols, secondary metabolites, cholesterol, .

Abstract   References Downloads: 951 Pages: 118-134

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