Design of Intelligent Power Distribution Terminal Based on DSP

Design of Intelligent Power Distribution Terminal Based on DSP

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Author(s): Zhang Zu, Qing Zhang, Tongtong Sun

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1183 231 596 11-15 Volume 6 - Feb 2017


In view of the traditional distribution terminal reactive power compensation effect is poor, the response is not quick enough and so on, this paper designs a kind of intelligent power distribution terminal device based on TMS320F28335 chip DSP. Reactive power compensation module using switching virtual circuit(SVC), proposed by improving the C.P.Steinmetz theory, we derive a containing power factor compensation admittance algorithm, reactive power theory and practical formula using instantaneous with this algorithm as SVC control strategy. The distribution terminal can realize dynamic reactive power compensation system, improve the three-phase unbalance,effectively prevent excessive compensation, but also be used for the on-line monitoring of distribution transformer has a rich communication interface can also be used for online monitoring of the transformer, has a rich communication interface. Simulation results show the algorithm has high response speed and accuracy.


intelligent power distribution terminal, DSP, Static Var Compensator, Reactive power compensation


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