Design of High Precision and Low Drift PH Value Online Monitoring Instrument

Design of High Precision and Low Drift PH Value Online Monitoring Instrument

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Author(s): Zhao Huan, ZHANG Shu-guang, ZHAO Xue-liang, WANG Dong-xuan

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1196 201 539 55-60 Volume 6 - Feb 2017


The geological storage of carbon dioxide is a practical and effective method to reduce the greenhouse effect,In order to prevent the leakage of carbon dioxide bring about a serious impact on the environment, the need to carry out in situ online monitoring of pH value to determine the dynamics of underground carbon dioxide.In this paper,a high precision and low drift pH value online monitoring instrument based on temperature compensation is designed with MSP430F5438 as the core.The software flow chart and the relationship the pH value,the electrode signal and the temperature of the measured liquid,the hardware structure of the instrument and software process are introduced.By comparing pH standard solution and field water sample test, the measurement accuracy of the instrument is about 0.05pH,this instrument can meet the needs of online monitoring,have been used for engineering monitoring and have a wide range of application prospects.


pH value, Aquifer, MSP430F5438, Dual-channel synchronous sampling, Digital filter


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