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Design of High Precision and Low Drift PH Value Online Monitoring Instrument

Author(s): Zhao Huan, ZHANG Shu-guang, ZHAO Xue-liang, WANG Dong-xuan

Keywords: pH value, Aquifer, MSP430F5438, Dual-channel synchronous sampling, Digital filter

Abstract   References Volume 6 - Feb 2017 DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1196

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The Yield Characteristics of the Shallow Aquifer of River Kastina Ala Floodplane in Nigeria

Author(s): Enokela O.S, Abua C.A

Keywords: Kastina ala floodplain, aquifer, permeability, transmisivity, yield

Abstract   References Volume 2 - Sep 2013

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Issue June 2023

Volume 12, June 2023

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