A New Exploration of Extracting and Purifying the Coenzyme F420 from Natural Sludge

A New Exploration of Extracting and Purifying the Coenzyme F420 from Natural Sludge

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Author(s): ZHU Xiao-wen, LI Rong-gui

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1213 294 639 62-67 Volume 6 - Mar 2017


Coenzyme F420 is one kind of special flavin cofactors which exist in some Archaea and bacteria, it is a low potential electron transfer carrier in methanogens. In this study, we designed three specific primers of F420-dependent glucose-6-phos-phate dehydrogenase gene to determine which environment contains the more abundant coenzyme F420, and methods for separating, extracting and purifying the coenzyme F420 from this environmental samples were carried out, the pure coenzyme F420 was obtained by some optimizing methods from the natural sludge , and the purity and concentration of coenzyme F420 we got is just as good as the FMN standard sample which confirmed by their fluorescence emission spectrum. These optimizing methods would save more energy and time to get the good quality coenzyme F420.


Coenzyme F420, Separation and Purification, Fluorescence Spectra


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