The GIMP Retinex Filter Applied to the Fabric Fault Detection

The GIMP Retinex Filter Applied to the Fabric Fault Detection

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Author(s): Amelia Carolina Sparavigna, Roberto Marazzato

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1227 167 745 106-112 Volume 6 - Mar 2017


In this paper we are proposing the use of a Retinex filter, the GIMP Retinex, for improving the methods for fabric fault detection based on image processing. Since the Retinex filtering is simulating the human vision, it can act in the processing of the images as the trained staff of textile industry is acting in the visual inspection of fabrics on off-line stations. Here some examples are proposed. These examples show that an image preprocessing based on a Retinex filter can help any further analysis aimed to detect the presence of defects.


Image Processing, Retinex Filtering, GIMP Retinex, Texture Analysis, Textiles, Fabric Fault Detection


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