Examination and Survival of Cultural Values in the Historical Texture: Camerino City-Italy and Turkey Trabzon City-Turkey

Examination and Survival of Cultural Values in the Historical Texture: Camerino City-Italy and Turkey Trabzon City-Turkey

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Author(s): Reyhan Akat, Birgül Çakıroğlu

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1408 196 528 165-178 Volume 6 - Aug 2017


In this study, Camerino city and Trabzon city were asked to answer these concepts, since the historical values, their meanings, their learning, and their cultural values must be determined and preserved in order to protect the environment. For this purpose, the interpretation of old-new reconstruction together with imitation and contrast approach has been examined for the problem of "harmony" and "integration" which is one of the biggest problems encountered in today's historical environments. The research area is limited to Italy Camerino city and Turkey Trabzon site. In the study, sampling methods were used in direct Camerino and Trabzon cities. In both fields of study, proposals have been made for the analysis and evaluation of physical items qualified as historical documents and to ensure cultural continuity by interpretation of data.


Historical environment, environmental design, re-evaluation, sustainability, culture, Camerino, Trabzon


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