Morphological-Anatomical Peculiarities of the Alhagi pseudalhagi L.

Morphological-Anatomical Peculiarities of the Alhagi pseudalhagi L.

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Author(s): Ilaha Aliyeva, Sevda Tahirli

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1480 162 564 53-55 Volume 6 - Nov 2017


Morphological and anatomical descriptions of the Alhagi pseudalhagi L. have been given in the paper. Under the influence of environmental factors this plant acquired such structural features as the strong development of the central cylinder, strong omission, the presence of numerous and small conduction beams, thick cuticles, small and numerous stomata. These properties are typical for xerophytes.


Alhagi pseudalhagi L., xerophytes, xylem, phloem, lysogenic receptacles, parenchyma


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