The Design of Self-purchasing System for Train Tickets Based on Block Chain Identity Authentication Technology

The Design of Self-purchasing System for Train Tickets Based on Block Chain Identity Authentication Technology

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Author(s): Kun Yang, Chen Yang, Feng Yang

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1700 96 445 6-9 Volume 7 - Jun 2018


As a frontier technology, block chain has great prospects in the fields of internet of things and finance field. In the process of bitcoin transaction, the legality authentication of identity information is realized through block chain technology and cryptography knowledge. Based on this, block chain identity authentication and distributed storage technology are applied to a train ticket purchasing system in this paper. The system mainly consists of four modules: communication terminal, ticketing digital encryption database, block chain identity authentication center and self-service ticket collecting machine. The communication terminal receives ticket and purchaser identity encryption information, it also subscribes to tickets on the Internet through a timestamp server. The ticket digital encryption database encrypts the identity and ticket information and sends it to the communication terminal. The block chain identity authentication center completes the legality verification of the ticket collector identities through the key matching and decryption algorithm. Self-service ticket collection machine finishes printing tickets. The system uses block chain and secret key matching to achieve the identity authentication of the ticket collector. The collector can also take out the ticket without identity card, which provides great convenience for passengers who have lost their ID cards or temporarily can not show their identity cards.


Block Chain, Distributed Storage, Identity Authentication Technology, Ticket Collection System


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