A Novel Accelerating Algorithm and Its Implement in Real Sequence FFT

A Novel Accelerating Algorithm and Its Implement in Real Sequence FFT

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Author(s): Honggui Deng, Sheng-wei Guo, Jian Duan

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707 1168 84-88 Volume 2 - Apr 2013


We propose an improved FFT algorithm, which costs only a half of the calculation time compared with the conventional FFT if the input data are real numbers. The algorithm is optimized by dividing 2N data points into 2 separated groups through parity. The odd part and even part of the 2N data points are used as the real part and imaginary part of a new complex data sequence with N data points. After FFT of this new data sequence, the FFT of the original 2N data points can be calculated through formulations. From our experiment based on FPGA, this new implementation is more effective than conventional FFT by saving half of calculation time.


FFT, real sequence, FPGA


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