Volume 2 - Issue April 2013

Volume 2 - Issue April 2013

Bond Lengths, Bond Angles and Bohr Radii from Ionization Potentials Related via the Golden Ratio for H2+, O2, O3, H2O, SO2, NO2 and CO2

Author(s): Raji Heyrovska

Keywords: Bond lengths, Bond angles, Bohr radii, Golden ratio, Water molecule, Ozone, Atmospheric molecules

Abstract   References Downloads: 1297 Pages: 1-4

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Effects of Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) on Academic Achievement, and Attitudes of Grade 9th Secondary School Students towards Mathematics

Author(s): Van Dat Tran

Keywords: Cooperative learning, STAD learning, achievement, attitudes

Abstract   References Downloads: 2737 Pages: 5-15

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Evaluation of Agronomic and Resistance Characters to the Main Diseases of Rice Nuclear Collection of Highlands in Tocantins State

Author(s): Gil Rodrigues dos Santos, Manoel Delintro De Castro Neto

Keywords: Oryza sativa, Magnaporthe grisea, Cochliobolus miyabeanus, Monographella albescens

Abstract   References Downloads: 940 Pages: 16-24

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Detection of Pasteurella Multocida by qPCR Associated with Pneumonic Lung in Pigs Slaughtered in Mato Grosso Brazil

Author(s): Cristiane Silva Chitarra, Daphine Ariadne Jesus de Paula, Johanna Carolina Schvarzbach dos Santos, Ana Carolina Silva de Faria, João Xavier de Oliveira Filho, Marcelo Marques da Silveira, Anderson Castro Soares de Oliveira, Carolina Argenta Pescador, Luciano Nakazato, Valéria Dutra

Keywords: Pasteurella multocida, pig, qPCR, swine respiratory complex

Abstract   References Downloads: 892 Pages: 25-31

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Perception of Exercise as Psychogenic Aids in the Improvement of Cardiovascular Health: Implications to Sports Administration among Young Academic Staff of Unizik Awka

Author(s): Alagbu Chukwubuikem Eugene, Alagbu C. A., E. O. Agwubuike

Keywords: Psychogenic aid, administration of sports cardiovascular health, perception, young academic staff, mild competitive form, high intensity competitive form, coercion, persuasions, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK) psychogenic, cardiovascular health related diseases, exercise level of intensity, psychological benefits, physiological benefit

Abstract   References Downloads: 695 Pages: 32-36

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Adapting to Social Change Through Re-engineering the Teacher Training Programme

Author(s): Mandoga Edward, Zenda Tonderai

Keywords: Re-engineering, rebranding, teaching methodology, synchronisation, teaching practice curriculum change

Abstract   References Downloads: 810 Pages: 37-43

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Environmental Green Area Recovery

Author(s): Adalberto Pandolfo, Neckel A., Bisognin A., Goellner E., Pandolfo L.M., Tagliari L.D.

Keywords: Urbanization, Environmental Degradation, Environmental Preservation, Community, Environmental Education

Abstract   References Downloads: 747 Pages: 44-53

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A General Solution to Einstein

Author(s): Leandro Melendez Lugo, Pablo Chauvet, Jaime Klapp

Keywords: Einstein's equations, Cosmology, General Relativity

Abstract   References Downloads: 764 Pages: 54-62

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Atomic, Ionic and Bohr Radii Linked via the Golden Ratio for Elements of Groups 1 - 8 Including Lanthanides and Actinides

Author(s): Raji Heyrovska

Keywords: Bond lengths, Covalent radii, Ionic radii, Bohr radii, Golden ratio, Group 1- 8 elements, Lanthanides, Actinides, Radii of electrons, Nuclear radii

Abstract   References Downloads: 904 Pages: 63-68

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Forecasting and Planning for Solid Waste Generation in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area of Ghana: An ARIMA Time Series Approach

Author(s): Ebenezer Owusu-Sekyere, Emmanuel Harris, Ebenezer Bonyah

Keywords: Solid waste, Autoregressive (AR), Moving Average (MA) and ARIMA

Abstract   References Downloads: 882 Pages: 69-83

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A Novel Accelerating Algorithm and Its Implement in Real Sequence FFT

Author(s): Honggui Deng, Sheng-wei Guo, Jian Duan

Keywords: FFT, real sequence, FPGA

Abstract   References Downloads: 707 Pages: 84-88

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