WLAN Mesh Security Access Method Based on Blockchain Technology

WLAN Mesh Security Access Method Based on Blockchain Technology

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Author(s): Chen Yang, Kun Yang, Xin Jiang

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1753 83 463 17-20 Volume 7 - Jul 2018


As a brand-new network structure, WLAN Mesh network is a distributed network with large capacity, fast speed and wide coverage. However, the security problems caused by the characteristics of wireless connection are not negligible. This paper proposes a new blockchain-based WLAN Mesh design method, including user encryption module, blockchain authentication module and kernel space module. Using the blockchain technology, each user's access authentication request is treated as a transaction, and all authentication records in the mesh network are treated as public ledgers. This method based on blockchain enables secure access to the network and prevents malicious attacks.


Block chain, WLAN Mesh, Public Ledgers, Access Method


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