Golden Ratio Based Fine Structure Constant and Rydberg Constant for Hydrogen Spectra

Golden Ratio Based Fine Structure Constant and Rydberg Constant for Hydrogen Spectra

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Author(s): Raji Heyrovska

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1054 2311 28-31 Volume 2 - May 2013


The surprising discovery that Bohr radius is divided at the Golden point into two sections pertaining to the electron and proton due to electrostatic reasons led to the general finding that it is a geometrical constant in atomic and ionic radii, bond lengths and bond angles. In an earlier article, the fine structure constant was also interpreted in terms of the Golden ratio. Here experimental data on wavelengths of hydrogen spectral lines have been used to evaluate the Rydberg constant, fine structure constant and Sommerfeld's relativity factor and are all shown to be simple functions of the Golden ratio.


Hydrogen spectra, fine structure constant, Golden ratio, Relativity factor, Rydberg constant, Rydberg formula, Bohr radius


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