The Influence of Inorganic Cations Addition on Rheology of Aqueous Diutan Gum Solutions

The Influence of Inorganic Cations Addition on Rheology of Aqueous Diutan Gum Solutions

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Author(s): Roberto Guimarães Pereira, Guilherme Pereira Mota, Ithamar Ribeiro Rangel, João Crisósthomo de Queiroz Neto

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2077 44 172 117-134 Volume 8 - May 2019


The Influence of cations addition (Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+) on rheology of aqueous diutan gum solutions was investigated at the temperatures of 200C, 400C and 600C. It was used a solution of diutan gum (4300 ppm) in deionized water with 40000 ppm of NaCl. In this solution, inorganic cations (300 ppm of calcium; 300 ppm of magnesium and 300 ppm of calcium plus 300 ppm of magnesium) were added. Steady shear, creep-recovery and oscillation tests were performed. All aqueous diutan gum solutions showed a pseudoplastic and viscoelastic behavior. The addition of calcium and magnesium cations leads to a gel behavior of the solutions for all cases in the angular velocity range investigated, as demonstrated by mechanical spectra. The recovery rate in the case of aqueous diutan gum solutions with calcium and magnesium is much higher than the recovery rate in the case of aqueous diutan gum solutions with NaCl.


Diutan Gum, Rheological Tests, Viscosity, Viscoelasticity, Power-Law Model, Exponential Model, Cox-Merz Rule


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