Research on China’s Interactive Mechanism between Higher Education of Law and Senior High School Education

Research on China’s Interactive Mechanism between Higher Education of Law and Senior High School Education

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Author(s): Zeng Meng

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2496 15 48 4-9 Volume 10 - Aug 2021


The reform of China’s college entrance examination requires the transformation of the educational concept from "examination-oriented education" to "professional talent training", which challenges the ability of high school teachers and students to collect and process information about majors and related industries. However, due to the limitation of high school education resources, its subject career guidance cannot break through the information barrier independently, which provides an opportunity for universities to carry out vertical inter-school cooperation and seek multi-dimensional interests under the systematic cultivation of law talents. The interaction mechanism is designed based on the demand characteristics of high school students, vertical cooperation management docking mode, and information exchange community. On this basis, it includes the annual practice of legal practice experience, sharing of graduate school level scientific research projects, moot court, legal clinic, one-way annual lecture, alumni return visit, undergraduate classroom experience, and other forms of activities. Although the development of interactive mechanism needs decentralization and incentive, only by being supervised, fully protecting students' rights and interests, and respecting education fairness can it exist in the long run.


Higher Education of Law, Senior High School Education, Vertical Inter-school Cooperation, Reform of College Entrance Examination, Subject Career Guidance


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